New Apartment in Saigon and Life Update

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. It’s been a busy time with a lot going on, on both the work and personal front.

Some quick notes:

After months of searching, we finally moved into a new apartment. I’ve been in Saigon for years and have seen the huge Vinhomes development being built, as we previously lived nearby in a different part of Binh Thanh District. For those not here with us, that’s the highly built up part of town that most of the nicer apartment buildings are being constructed in.

Well, after seeing this huge development go up over the years, I finally decided to check it out in person and we eventually decided to move in. We ended up going for a three bedroom unit, which gives us some extra space to set up a guest bedroom and an office. I’ve included some photos below of the living room and the view, which in my opinion is the apartment’s best asset.

There are some downsides to living here, such as the level of noice and activity, although I’m fine with them. Overall I’m happy to have upgraded. We found the apartment here:

Vinhomes Central Park Apartments for Rent (Updated April 2020)

Other news:

The coronavirus hasn’t been so bad in Vietnam, so life is mostly back to normal. We have been going out and doing our groceries, exercises and so on as if it were no longer here, so it feels like life is going on and the problems of the rest of the world aren’t affecting us. Overall I’m very happy to be here.

The only problem is flights in and out. Traveling to see family is important and it remains to be seen how soon borders will open around the world, so we may be here for the near term. At least we have a new, comfortable place to stay to ride it out.

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