My Favorite Camera: The Ricoh GR II

Ricoh cameras have always been a little unique.

That’s probably why I’ve always loved them.

Some of my friends have recently asked me for camera recommendations. I ignore the usual Canon and Nikon DSLRs and give them one recommendation every time: the Ricoh GR II.

It’s an unusual but brilliant camera. DPReview thinks it’s okay, but to me it’s the only camera I will ever need.

It doesn’t zoom or do anything fancy.

It just takes really great photos.

After all, isn’t that the only feature a camera really needs?

How to Pack Your Suitcase the Right Way

Like to travel light?

If yes, good.

If no, why not?

We like to travel light, so this video on how to pack a carry-on suitcase the right way from Travel Noire really grabbed our attention.

Next time you find yourself reaching for your big suitcase for a two-day trip, remember that you can probably squeeze it all into a carry-on bag with the right technique.

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