The 5 Best Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The Workshop

The Workshop impresses the moment you walk in by being located in an old, cool looking building. As you might expect from the name The Workshop, many people come here are to work with their laptops. This place offers lots of comfort with plentiful natural light, cool view with a central preparation area that lets you see a range of coffee making tools.

The coffee here is all about the third wave. The menu includes a variety of coffee, ranging from the usual Vietnamese coffee to beans sourced from all around the world such as espresso, chemes, AeroPress. Besides that, they also have range of foods, mostly for breakfast, as well as juices and soft drinks.


L’Usine was opened in 2010 with three parts of the main branch in Dong Khoi Street: cafe, boutique and gallery. It’s a design-focused cafe with Western-Asian style decoration. A high ceiling, airy space and a vintage style will bring you a relaxing feeling here even when it’s a little busy. Most of the customers here are Western people, so the price is slightly higher than some other, more local places . The menu is varied with amazing food for breakfast and lunch. You may fall in love with the catchy names and decorations of the food or the creativeness of the way they make drinks.

Vietnam Coffee Republic

“Vietnam Coffee Republic” — this super Vietnamese name must remind you of a super Vietnamese style cafe and yes, it’s a cafe that’s full of Vietnamese things from the last century. If you are a traveler and want to discover more about Vietnamese culture, this cafe is definitely an ideal choice for you. This place is especially simple, as rustic and beautiful as Vietnamese’s nature. Sitting here, you can enjoy your cup of Vietnamese coffee or any kind of coffee you like, you still can feel the Vietnamese taste inside. The menu is mostly about Vietnamese coffee, with no food available. The price is fairly cheap, ranging from 28,000 VND to 50,000 VND for a cup of coffee.

Bosgaurus Coffee

If you are a nature lover, if you love the feeling of breathing clean, fresh air from a garden while you’re living right in the city, Bosgaurus Coffee is a great choice for you. A high ceiling with modern and eye-catching design makes you feel relaxed and relieved. This cafe also has a prime location with views of the Saigon River. The menu is mixed with coffee, desserts and soft drinks with prices that aren’t bad.

Villa Royale Antiques and Tea Room

A luxurious, sophisticated and historical British kind of look is absolutely the impression you’ll feel when you first come here. This tea house is exactly same as its name: Villa Royale Antiques and Tea Room. The tea room is decorated with variety of Western antiques, with a gorgeous look that makes you feel like you got lost in a magnificent construction from decades past.

Besides the impressive view and decoration, the menu has many kinds of international tea that are sure to satisfy any customer. You can use your creativity to choose from a range of cake sets together with your tea. They also have menu of food options for breakfast and lunch, although these dishes are slightly overpriced. Thanks to the nice decorating and not-so-busy atmosphere, you can relax and enjoy your time here.


8 Essentials for a Good Morning Routine

For the most part, people can be divided into two categories. The first group of people leap out of bed ready to start the day, sprint into the kitchen, and start preparing breakfast. They shower in a record time, get dressed, and jump out the door ready to start working.

The second group of people barely make it out of bed and sluggishly stumble through the first few hours of the day, but not after snoozing their alarm clock a few times, of course.

Unfortunately, I fall into the second category. Waking up is a pain, and I often struggle to get through the first two to three hours of the day without feeling distracted. While I pick up speed later in the day (and excel after 6 pm), the first few hours of the day are a bit of a blur for me.

Luckily, adopting good morning habits has allowed me to adapt to the normal early riser schedule and make the most of each day, despite my genetically imprinted night owl habits. Here’s how I do it:

  1. I practice getting out of bed every month. Steve Pavlina’s guide to waking up early is crucially important here and definitely worth reading if you’re a late riser.
  2. For the first 10 minutes of the day, I relax and do breathing exercises. Doing so helps me wake up, come to terms with the fact that I can’t waste time in bed, and get on with my day.
  3. I take cold showers, which have a huge number of medical and wellbeing benefits. You get used to it quickly.
  4. I drink coffee within 15 minutes of getting out of bed, normally right after I finish my breathing exercises. This way, I’m fully caffeinated by the time I sit down to to work. To save time, I use a capsule coffee machine (a Nespresso Inissia — you can view a list of the best tasting capsules here) as it requires virtually no clean up.
  5. I eat at least 40 grams of protein with breakfast, which seems to help me feel energized and full. I’m not anti-carb, but I find that carbs in the morning rarely leave me feeling satisfied and normally result in hunger problems later in the day.
  6. I open the curtains as wide as possible and keep two to three windows open for the first few hours of the day. I live in a hot climate, and the fresh air makes a big difference to my ability to focus and think.
  7. I work for an hour at a time, then take a 15 minute break. Doing so seems to keep me more focused than longer blocks of dedicated, endless work.
  8. I take it easy on the weekends. Life is no fun when you have to wake up early everyday. If you’re a night owl, hold yourself accountable with an early riser schedule during the week, but don’t be afraid to kick back and sleep in on Saturday and Sunday morning.


Asia Vacation Destinations for 2016: Our 4 Picks

Note: Reading this in 2017 or 2018? All of the destinations we’ve listed below are still just as good as they were last year. In fact, new hotels, attractions and things to do mean that many are even better than before

It’s almost the end of the year, and vacation season is fast approaching. Here are our five picks for destinations that offer the best mix of convenience, natural beauty and adventure:


An old, reliable favorite, Bali is one of Asia’s most versatile destinations. There’s great surfing, a massive selection of excellent beaches, world class diving, cultural activities, great nightlife… and — well, lots more. If you’re searching for a place that does everything very well, it’s hard to look past one of Asia’s most enchanting islands. Just pick somewhere other than Kuta to stay.

Recommended resource: Bali Guide


Huh? Pattaya, of all places? What was once Thailand’s capital of all things seedy is quickly becoming one of Southeast Asia’s best seaside cities. Pattaya is now home to one of Thailand’s top hotels, the Hilton Pattaya, and boasts a variety of great resorts just outside the city. If you’re popping into Bangkok for a few days, there’s no reason not to make the short trip here.

Recommended resource: Guest Friendly Hotels Pattaya


Japan’s second city, Osaka doesn’t have quite as much to offer in terms of glitz when compared to capital Tokyo, but it makes up for it with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of unique sights of its own. Just be prepared to pack a coat, since the December/January weather can get pretty darn cold.

Recommended resource: Osaka Info


An old favorite, Singapore is one of Asia’s best destinations for people that love a smooth, clean and streamlined experience. From shopping on Orchard Road to enjoying the activities available on Sentosa Island, Singapore has something to offer for every visitor.

Recommended resource: Singapore-Guide


Dubai has grown rapidly over the past two decades, transforming itself from a minor city into a global phenomenon. From Jumeirah Beach to the myriad of shopping malls, supertall buildings and incredible attractions like the spectacular Dubai Fountain, Dubai has a lot to offer as a summer (or all year, really, as it’s never cold) vacation destination.

Just be aware that despite Dubai’s reputation as a place to relax, party and have fun, it’s still quite a conservative country. If you’re travelling with an unmarried partner, double check that your hotel is unmarried guest friendly before you book to avoid a frustrating experience once you arrive.

Recommended resource: The Sophisticated Life’s Dubai Guide for First-Time Visitors

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