Asia Vacation Destinations for 2016: Our 4 Picks

It’s almost the end of the year, and vacation season is fast approaching. Here are our four picks for destinations that offer the best mix of convenience, natural beauty and adventure:


An old, reliable favorite, Bali is one of Asia’s most versatile destinations. There’s great surfing, a massive selection of excellent beaches, world class diving, cultural activities, great nightlife… and — well, lots more. If you’re searching for a place that does everything very well, it’s hard to look past one of Asia’s most enchanting islands. Just pick somewhere other than Kuta to stay.

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Huh? Pattaya, of all places? What was once Thailand’s capital of all things seedy is quickly becoming one of Southeast Asia’s best seaside cities. Pattaya is now home to one of Thailand’s top hotels, the Hilton Pattaya, and boasts a variety of great resorts just outside the city. If you’re popping into Bangkok for a few days, there’s no reason not to make the short trip here.

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Japan’s second city, Osaka doesn’t have quite as much to offer in terms of glitz when compared to capital Tokyo, but it makes up for it with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of unique sights of its own. Just be prepared to pack a coat, since the December/January weather can get pretty darn cold.

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An old favorite, Singapore is one of Asia’s best destinations for people that love a smooth, clean and streamlined experience. From shopping on Orchard Road to enjoying the activities available on Sentosa Island, Singapore has something to offer for every visitor.

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