5 Travel Accessories You Can’t Afford to Leave Behind

Planning a vacation soon? Here are the five travel accessories I never leave home without:

  • A good backpack. I’m not talking about a huge “backpacking” backpack, but a backpack that’s small enough to bring on the plane as carry-on luggage. Choose something with enough interior space for a change of clothes, your tablet, a few books and your usual everyday carry — it will help out a lot for day trips and adventures.
  • A reversible belt. Belts don’t take up much space in your suitcase, but packing them can be a major annoyance. They’re soft and take damage easily when your suitcase is bumped or knocked over, and there’s no need to pack two when you only need one. Choose a simple reversible leather belt with brown on one side and black on the other — it will look good with jeans or, if it’s a little smaller, fit in well in a formal setting.
  • A good compact camera. A DSLR might take better quality photos, but there’s nothing more annoying than carrying around a bulky full frame camera with you. Pick a compact camera with a large sensor, like my personal favorite the Ricoh GR.
  • Good headphones, preferably noise cancelling ones. From long flights to bus trips, having a pair of headphones and some good albums makes even the longest haul trips much more tolerable. TechRadar’s list of the best noise cancelling headphones is a good place to start your shopping efforts.
  • A hygiene and toiletries kit. Packing your toothbrush, deodorant, medications and other essentials is much easier with a convenient kit. Amazon has a great selection of toiletry bags, most of which are priced at $20 or less.

Ready to travel? Pack the five essentials listed above and you’ll be better prepared for any trip, whether you’re visiting a nearby city or spending several weeks touring an entire continent.

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